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Attractive looking hybrid, slate grey/blue coloured hardy, placid and friendly bird. One of the largest of hybrids a Maran and Rhode Island Red cross. Lays approximate 280 brown/ plum tint eggs in the first year. A very popular choice.


rhode rock


(Black Rock) This robust, hardy yet docile and friendly hybrid. Attractive feather colours of black (green sheen) with gold/bronze on neck, head and chest. Capable of laying 300+ brown eggs in the first year. One of the best selling hybrids.


white star


The ultimate egg layer of pure white eggs, Approximate 320 in first year. They are a slightly slimmer bird compared to other breeds. Can be a little more flighty until they get settled into their new surroundings. A pretty pure white bird with fantail.


pied suffolk


A striking black and white old fashioned farmyard type bird. Strong and very hardy hybrid. Suitable for in a run or free range. A lovely calm natured hen laying approximate 280 brown eggs in the first year.




Another friendly hybrid. Hardy and excellent layer, suitable in a run or free range. Ambers are white with cream / brown flecks, Silvers are plain white. Laying approximate 300+ brown eggs in first year.


Sussex Star


An attractive looking bird White with Black neck and tail. An old fashioned farmyard type hen, suitable for living in a run or free range. Hardy and friendly laying approximate 280 brown eggs in the first year. A very popular breed.




Rhode Island Red X Light Sussex. A very friendly , hardy hen happy in a run or free range. Chestnut plumage with black in the tail and some have black flecks on the neck. An excellent layer of approximate 320 brown eggs in first year.




A very attractive, friendly and placid bird. Ideal for living in a run or free range. This is a Maran based hybrid , They are excellent and reliable layers of dark chestnut brown eggs some with speckles on. Laying approximate 280 eggs in the first year.




Maran based hybrid black plumage with copper markings on neck and head. This bird produces high quality eggs which a large percentage being dark brown. Ideal for living in a run or free range. A friendly bird laying approximate 300 eggs in first year.




A new hybrid” The Buttercup a large hen with an attractive brown/gold mottled plumage, friendly and inquisitive nature. Ideal for free range or large coop and run,Laying a cream/light brown egg approx. 280+ a year.




Very friendly prolific layer attractive brown with cream flecks. This type of hybrid is used on a commercial basis for egg production. Suitable for living in a run or free range. Ideal for children with it’s placid nature. Capable of laying 330+ brown eggs in first year. Very popular choice for lots of eggs.




This is a Cream Leg bar cross hybrid laying Coloured eggs. It is happy free range or in a large run. A hardy attractive looking bird most have a distinctive “crest”. Colours range from creamy brown to dark brown, or silver grey to dark grey, or even sandy mottled colours. Capable of laying up to 260 eggs in first year with 80%laying Blue or green eggs others can lay white, cream or tinted. A surprise to come from your first eggs.



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